House rejects $163B for wars, OKs new GI bill –

Finally, after two years the Dems are doing what they were elected to do. While I disagree with the tax surcharge on small businesses to fund greater GI Bill efforts, compromise is necessary. Now, if we had a better national education policy where anyone could go to a state college or university for all four years, the GI education benefits wouldn't be necessary. Here's a thought, for each you of national service that you do, you get one year of college room and board, books and even pocket money covered. National service could be military, community, social or other type of service that benefits the nation. It's a win/win for all.  

House rejects $163B for wars, OKs new GI bill – WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democratic-led House on Thursday rejected more funds to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as many Republicans angry over the majority party's tactics sat out the vote. It did approve more money for the jobless and an expansion of GI education benefits. In a rapid series of votes on the war funding bill and accompanying components, Republicans withheld their votes in protest, leading to the defeat of the Iraq funding legislation by a 149-141 tally. Nearly two-thirds of the House's Democrats voted against continuing to fund the war. Democrats then forced through a nonbinding plan seeking an exit from Iraq by December of next year by a 224-196 vote that broke along party lines. Thirty-two Republicans joined with Democrats on a 256-166 vote to sharply boost education benefits for Iraq-Afghanistan veterans under the GI Bill — despite an accompanying tax surcharge on the wealthy and small businesses — and voted to provide a 13-week extension of unemployment benefits. The GOP protest kills the war funding component of the bill for now, but it is expected to be revived next week in the Senate.