Palin camp clarifies extent of Iraq trip

“The trip of a lifetime” should be called the lie of a lifetime. Why do you have to have official revisions to a past itinerary? Doesn’t she know where she went? Her ONLY trip outside of the United States was a brief stop in Kuwait, up to the border of Iraq. But they’ve been talking about her “trip of a lifetime” in visiting the battlefield in Iraq. Now it seems, that after the truth leaks out, we have revisions to the story.

Simply, the truth about Palin being the V.P is that John McCain purposely picked an “attractive” woman to grab the Hillary voters. And because she has no real experience and it’s starting to backfire, the McCain camp is having to pump up, or flat out fabricate her credentials.

So let’s compare Palin to myself as who is more qualified to be V.P.

They say she has foreign policy and relations experience because she’s been out of the country once, and Alaska is close to Russia, although she has never met any foreign dignitaries. I on the other hand have been to almost two dozen countries, lived overseas for six years, and can handle a small conversation in German to get around. I have also been in the presence of dignitaries and high ranking foreign dignitaries. I have documented proof for all of this so score one for me.

Palin’s qualifications to be Commander in Chief? She’s the governor which puts her in charge of the Alaska National Guard. Curious if she knows what the standing force is or if she even knows the name of the highest ranking enlisted person is. She probably met that person during her inauguration but probably doesn’t remember. Now I have served in the military for eight years, five overseas and three at Ft. Bragg, NC. I’m a combat veteran and have seen my share (and that’s all I will discuss). I have documented proof of this also so score a second mark in my column for me.

Palin is a white woman. I am a black man. Clearly there are more disgruntled black people than white women. If you’re going to pander to a certain group of people, pick someone who can grab more votes. Palin being a white woman, all she can get is the pissed off Hillary supporters from the Ohio valley, you know, that middle class working folk people. But if McCain really wants votes, he would score bigger with me because I bring the crossover vote. I’m a black male, so I can pick up black women and men. Also, I’m a minority, so I can get other minority votes like Hispanics and Latinos (what’s the difference between those two groups anyway, really, I don’t know). I even speak some spanish. “no que areo taco bell”, see? I can help with the Native (real) American vote as I know some. I can help with the Asian vote because I know someone that knows someone that met Tiger Woods, and he’s half Asian. So you see, if McCain is going to pander, pander for the most votes you can get. Don’t waste the selection on just one small segment. Now put that third check mark in my box.

Gov. Palin was a mayor of a small town and spent most of her time trying to burn books in the library. Big deal. I was the president of my Home Owners Association for over seven years and overseen an annual budget of over $14,000 dollars (as I hold my pinky up to my mouth). I’ve contributed to my county library system through late fees, increasing the amount of books. So I definitely have an advantage with managing the national economy there.

So there you have it, 4-0, I am definitely more qualified than Gov. Palin.

Palin camp clarifies extent of Iraq trip – The Boston Globe
Sarah Palins visit to Iraq in 2007 consisted of a brief stop at a border crossing between Iraq and Kuwait, the vice presidential candidates campaign said yesterday, in the second official revision of her only trip outside North America.

Following her selection last month as John McCains running mate, aides said Palin had traveled to Ireland, Germany, Kuwait, and Iraq to meet with members of the Alaska National Guard. During that trip she was said to have visited a “military outpost” inside Iraq. The campaign has since repeated that Palins foreign travel included an excursion into the Iraq battle zone.

But in response to queries about the details of her trip, campaign aides and National Guard officials in Alaska said by telephone yesterday that she did not venture beyond the Kuwait-Iraq border when she visited Khabari Alawazem Crossing, also known as “K-Crossing,” on July 25, 2007.

Asked to clarify where she traveled in Iraq, Palins spokeswoman, Maria Comella, confirmed that “She visited a military outpost on the other side of the Kuwait-Iraq border.”

It was the second such clarification in as many weeks of the itinerary of what Palin has called “the trip of a lifetime.” Earlier, the campaign acknowledged that Palin made only a refueling stop in Ireland.