McCain's Debate Victory Ad …no seriously !!!

Really, this campaign has gone too far. Now they had a ad on WSJ Online showing that he won the debate. Ar these folks for real? The add has since been removed, but the Washington Post has a full screenshot of it. But I’m posting here in case it disappears from there too. I mean, how bold are these folks anyway. Posting an ad that you’ve won a debate that you ducked out of? Posting an ad that you’ve won a debate that hasn’t taken place yet? The Obama campaign should totally pounce on this. Not to mention that since he suspended his campaign, McCain still found the time to stop over NY to give a speech at an event, before going “directly” to Washington to “lead” the initiative to solve the crisis. And also, for the debate, it only requires six hours of his time. Two hours to fly to the debate, two hours to debate,and two hours to fly back to Washington to “lead” the crisis bailout. He’d be back in Washington really quick. Besides, isn’t the debate where you’d want to get your message out to the people and how you differ from your candidate? 

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