Obama touts jobs in Ohio he says stimulus saved?

Wasn’t the stimulus package just signed several weeks ago? And weren’t these recruits already in training? Which means they was already budgeted by the state. Sounds like a little positioning and salesmanship here to sell something we know is a broken idea. These 25 police recruits can’t possibly have started training and graduated after the signing of the bill. But he did state that without this stimulus spending bill, they would have been let go.  And lets say that in a few months, more graduates enter the police force that are directly related to the spending bill, the problem is that it’s unsustainable. You pay for public services through taxes that is generated from a vibrant economy, not by endless borrowing which results in hampering an already fragile economy.

Obama spoke at the graduation ceremony for 25 police recruits who owe their jobs to the $787-billion economic recovery bill he signed into law less than three weeks ago.

via Obama touts jobs in Ohio he says stimulus saved — Newsday.com.