Obama's economic advisor comes out of the tax cut closet?

I was watching the evening news last night and they were doing a fact check on Obama’s claim that he created 150,000 jobs. Christina Romer who chairs the Council of Eeconomic Advisors and is Obama’s top economic advisor said the following:  “When we have the tax cuts that we’ve had and the spending that we’ve had, historically it has shown that jobs has been created”. And that the number is a statistical figure so it can be presented as fact. So the point is that the numbers aren’t factual, but statistical, so can be presented as fact. I pondered over that but then something hit me.

Whoa, did she just say that tax cuts creates jobs? Well….. we won’t see her on camera anymore. The notion that tax cuts spurs the economy is the antithesis to the idea that government must do all to create jobs. At best, the government can create temporary jobs, mainly on infrastructure and those jobs are not sustainable. Tax cuts essentially make people who have all that excess cash, invest in things to make more money which creates jobs, which is sustainable. If government creates jobs by increasing the size of the government, then mathematically, there will eventually be less private sector jobs to support the government payroll. Take a look at the state of New Jersey. Private job payrolls are falling while government job payroll is increasing. The result? Increased taxes to support government and an exodus from the state. But back to my original point. The chief economic advisor states that tax cuts creates jobs. Following that rationale, the more taxes are cut, the more jobs are created? Is that possible?

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