Going to be a long Flight back for Obama

Our president better stop hanging around French president Nicolas Sarkozi, he’s starting to pick up some bad habits and he doesn’t look tough enough to take on Michelle when he gets back home.

So after some fun poking at the President (hoping that it’s still allowed) here’s the video clip clearing it up. Note that Nick is still a horn dog.


0709_obama_11032342_h8320192_landov.jpg 500×442 pixels.

2 thoughts on “Going to be a long Flight back for Obama

  1. He’s the President…not a homo. Don’t tell me you haven’t look at another women’s backside, intentionally and otherwise.

  2. I expected you to reply, but not that quick. Man. You do notice that I have this posted in the “Humor” category, right? BTW, see the follow-up with the video clip, should put you on ease and slow your heart rate back down.

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