Pigeon post faster than South Africas Telkom | Mail Online

Honestly, I thought this was going to be an Onion article. Just goes to show, we still have  a ways to go for broadband around the world. I personally think it has more to do with the South African government and their not so friendly free market ideas that stifle innovation and investment. Not to mention the corruption that keeps things held back. That could never happen here.

Carrier pigeons are being used to transfer data between offices because bosses believe it is quicker than broadband. Computer experts at a South African firm said it took six hours to transfer four gigabytes of encrypted data from Durban to a call centre 50 miles away near Pietermaritzburg.

Staff at Unlimited Group, a financial services company, today attached a memory card to the leg of a pigeon called Winston who took just over an hour for the trip.

via Pigeon post faster than South Africas Telkom | Mail Online.