Things that only mom did

Today is Mothers Day and I’ve been thinking about my mom most of the day. To say the least, I really miss her. Every year I remember just how special she is and how fortunate I am to have had her for a mother. So here’s some things that only mom would do.

  1. Solving all the problems with Vicks Vapor Rub. When I was silly enough to play in the snow in just a light shirt and get sick that evening, mom would do the vapor rub thing. She had a knack of putting the right amount on her fingers and hold them over a candle, getting the temperature just right. Then rub my chest…all was right in the world
  2. Walks up to Highland Park looking for me after dark, then point and send me home
  3. Gets up early, make a pot of cornmeal porridge and go back to bed
  4. Absolutely forbids you to go to a Henry Rollins with Black Flag concert after seeing the advertisement in the Village Voice. A nun on her knees with her arms wrapped around a priest’s leg. (I will neither confirm nor deny if I was in attendance at that concert)
  5. Allows you to go see Iron Maiden in concert, go figure
  6. When the smoke alarm goes off while you’re making breakfast and you freak out, only mom can calmly walk into the kitchen, take the pan of burning bacon off the stove, place it in the sink and go back to bed
  7. Sends you a check for $20 although you have a job, just in case you need it
  8. Covered up for you, so your hard-headed ass didn’t get a worn-out ass from dad’s belt (on many occasions)
  9. Let you have a band in the basement
  10. Actually listened to your band, featuring the best of the Stones, Judas Priest and The Ramones, for a whole hour
  11. Bought you that pair of Jordache jeans so you could impress that girl…it didn’t work
  12. Gets you your first job
  13. Gets you your second job after you sucked and were too lazy at your first job
  14. Tells you no, you’re not getting that sheepskin coat because it will get stolen. But you did get the sheepskin gloves, they got stolen.
  15. Made you go to Sunday School and church. EVERY Sunday
  16. Stays with an abusive husband to keep a family together for you.
  17. Teaches you empathy and compassion
  18. Lets you argue with her
  19. When you’re asked, she seems to already know what you did and where you’ve been

And the best thing about mom. Just being mom. Her grace, love, dignity, compassion, strength and courage. Being the example and showing me all the attributes to look for in a spouse and mother of my children.

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