New Air then Great Sail

Great weekend. Started late Friday afternoon (god knows why) with removing the old AC system and putting in the new one. I really should have waited till Saturday morning but I was determined to get it done. So, with the cabin hovering in the upper 90’s, I went for it. Got eh old system out and the new one in. Spent around three hours as I was slowing down due to the heat. Thanks to Pat and Skip for lending hands lugging the systems out and in.

Saturday was a great day and well deserved. Went with friends on a Cape Dory 30, what a fantastic sailing boat. There was a major storm passing through, enough for the Coast Guard to issue a warning. As it was moving fast going going north-northeast, we took the route of staying out and headed to South River to wait it out. It worked out well. I think most of the boats that decided to race back to Oriental probably got hammered with what went through.