Really Missing Mom Today

You would think it gets easier year after year but today I’m just missing my mom more than ever. Last year was the 10th anniversary of loosing her, a very hard day each year on the day before Thanksgiving. Seems that this year is harder than ever as I could really use her straight forward words right now. I really miss those talks, her in your face advice. No matter the problem. no matter what dumbass thing I’ve done yet again, she would navigate me through it. She was, and is such a woman of strengh and grace.

Thanksgiving will always be difficult for me, but Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being thankful for all that you have and have had. So I’m good. Mom, I miss you and love you and I know you’re still taking care of me.

One thought on “Really Missing Mom Today

  1. God bless you Tony! You have her with you everyday and her straightforward words of wisdom are still with you! And to think, one day, you’ll hear them again… Giving thanks for your words to remind us to call mamma more than we do!

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