And here comes a Prince inspired story…

As we all have them. It’s 1985 on an early Saturday evening and the fellas, we’re at the crib watching Purple Rain because that’s what you do before heading out to the club in Trier. The rule back then was, as diehard Prince fans, you had to have something purple on you when going out. Well Randy didn’t have anything so he decides to buy something.

Less than 30 minutes later, Randy burst back into the room….

Randy: “Hey Reese, guess what I got!”

Reese: (annoyed that the ~30th viewing of Purple Rain is interrupted) “What!!!…”

Randy: “A purple lighter, and I got one for you too!” as he proudly holds out the two lighters, one in each hand.

Rob: “Fool, you don’t even smoke”

Randy: “But the hunnies do”

Joseph (never call him Joe): “Damn, he’s right”

Me (the nerd): “Hunnies?”

Everyone else: roll eyes….