It Was An Ocracoke Week

Sailed (motored) to Ocracoke early last week for a stress-free week of telecommuting. Single-handed (getting used to it) while Steve single-handed his sailboat. It’s good to travel in pairs. I had a lot to do for work and needed a change of scenery. The water was flat the whole way out so we motored, but a pleasant motor overall, temperature was just right while we made our own breeze.


But going was interesting, for the first time, I took Nine Foot Shoal instead of the main ferry channel. I have to say that after my anxiety attack, I actually prefer Nine Foot. No ferries to dodge and Nine Foot is a natural channel. We went in on a rising tide and didn’t see anything less than seven feet. It’s now my preferred route and I think it cuts off at least twentyfive minutes over using the main channel.


We had a decent sail returning to Oriental. As we left Oracoke around 10am, the winds were aready at 20 kts from the notth. Had three or four foot seas as we went up Nine Foot which was a bit nerve racking at times. But out of the channel then west on home. As we crossed the Pamlico getting closer to the Neuse, the wind died down a bit so we then motorsailed.



I have to say, telecommuting from Ocracoke does NOT suck. I think I’ve knocked out more internal posts, writings, analysis and other run of the mill day job stuff in a few straight days that I have like that in a while. Guess it was the atmosphere of an expanded and quiet Ocracoke Coffee shop in teh mornings then sitting in the cockpit with a stiff afternoon breeze. As the thrift shop has moved, the coffee shop has done a really nice expansion. As far as internet connectivity, the free Wi-fi at the local places are ok but I mostly used my Verizon MIfi and AT&T wireless data. Over 60Mb down and 7Mb up, more than adequate for telecommuting.



And oh boy, lets talk about the food at Ocracoke. From Howard’s Pub to Dajios to The Flying Mellon to The Backporch. Great food. So much for cooking on the boat. Some places weren’t opened yet or at full hours but that was OK, there was enough to enjoy.


Though I did head up some Crab and Sweet Corn Chowder on the sail back…the one meal for the entire week that I did “cook”.


Even had time to grab a long lunch and ride out to one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches on the east coast, truly a national treasure. There was a fishing tournament going on that week, hence all the vehicles on the beach.


And the official “It’s 5PM so stop working!” notification 😉



So let’s talk about something really important. Let’s talk about the Ocracoke sunsets. Actually, let’s not talk about it as no words are needed, the photos describe it all and it’ll translate to your own words….


So how do you end a day at Ocracoke? Well, Yannkee baseball mind you, with a nice scotch…neat with just a splash of water. So blessed and thankful, no complaints. Will be seeing you again here shortly, Memorial Day through the Ocrafolk Festival.

3 thoughts on “It Was An Ocracoke Week

  1. Thank you for sharing. It made me feel I was almost there.

    Pictures were fantastic, food photos from my favorite places too!

  2. Not sure if you claim to be a professional writer or not, but the grammar and spelling made this piece hard to follow.

    1. No, I don’t claim to be a professional at all. I’m an amateur at best but thank you for your comment in pointing that out. I appreciate it.

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