It’s going to be an entertaining four, or eight years.

One thought on “It’s going to be an entertaining four, or eight years.

  1. I don’t know about “Entertaining….” All I will say is that all newly elected Presidents have a blank slate. They have the opportunity to “change the world.” Is it easy being the POTUS? Probably not. But they still have the opportunity to be great like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt (the 2nd one) and Regan (the one and only). At the end of their time in that little oval office, what they leave behind will be their legacy. Sadly, POTUS Obama isn’t leaving much of a legacy behind. But that’s been the course of action for many, many previous Presidents. Let’s hope POTUS-elect Trump can do something of substantial value for a vast majority of the citizens he will lead. I can do without Entertainment – I have Netflix and HBO for that! I want real progress for our beloved country!

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