Some cockpit Stuff

Not to let the new electronics get all the love, finally got the new companionway doors from Zarcor. What a great company to work with, pleasant to deal with and very helpful. Installation was easier than I thought it would be. My only question, why did I wait so long to do this upgrade. It’s worth every penny.



One other addition was something to alleviate getting behind the wheel. It always took some acrobatics to get around the large 42″ wheel, the solution, a folding wheel.



On the inside, mainly around the environmentals. New AC from Dometic, a 16K BTU but with a unique feature, a smart start system. With an AC, for the compressor to kick it, it takes a lot of average to kickstart it. The smart start helps by staggering the various initializations reducing the startup load. This will enable me to have heat and AC while on the hook using the Honda 2K generator, a nice small and portable unit. In addition, a new march pump adn water strainer that I can open from the top so I don’t have to re-prime. It was also time to replace the almost 20 year old water heater and the fresh water pump.