Some Vids returning from Ocracoke

The wind was consistantly out of the southwest staying over 20kts. Waves were up to five feet. Close-hauled the entire time. double reef in the main, half the headsail out and at times was hitting seven kts. There were times where it got bumpy when those rollers came by at that weird interval against that flat bottomed hull.

So here’s some videos when I was able to shoot them when the weather eased up a bit.

First up, a little explaination of what was happening. Did have an issue with the ignition when I wanted to start the engine, it wouldn’t. So the plan was to sail all the way to NR1 and then call Towboat, but the ignition button finally worked. Going to spend some time looking at that next week.

Next up are a couple of clips after the wind and seas calmed down a bit and I could let Alfred the autopilot resume his duties.

Lsst clip is from down below showing the aquarium, also knows as being heeled over so hard that the porthole is underwater….ignore the rambling of me talking to myself. That usually happens after hours of singlehanding.