Hemispheres on the Hard

Well it’s been about two years since the last haulout, bottom needs some work and we’re trying to figure out this paint bonding issue. Usually in the same spots, paint is just not adhering all the time, driving me nuts.

One thing about moving to RD is that it’s a longer trip to the boatyard. A little over an hour but who’s counting when it’s a beautiful day on the water.

Then theres the castiron keel. Once saltwater finds its way into the pourous iron, it starts corroding, from the inside. I was told though that I’l lbe long dead before the keel eats through. Estimating it has another 40 years on it.

So this week the bottom will get prepped, two coats of hard ablative, hull wax, prop treatment, dilithium crystals refreshed, antimatter containment field calibrated and touch up those plasme blasts on the armour. Hopefully have her splashed this Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.