Davits, Davits, Davits

Finally, after hemming and hawing for years, decided to add davits to Hemispheres. A special thanks to Terrie at Kato Marine who walked me through the entire process, including, “we may want to measure that again…”. Fantastic company, great products and great people.

Installation was straight forward, but not without hiccups (my fault obviously). The starboard side went on without a hitch, properly measured, drilled, etc. Port side, different story. Wouldn’t you know it, right where I wanted the supporting brace to be, I had the unique ability to pick a spot that was directly over a bulkhead, So, a couple of holes, and help from Mark at Inner Banks for working the tubing, including cutting and pressing, all is good.

Which then presented another challenge. Had to move the outboard, so moved it to the side. After moving it and looking at it, I figured that my very first time leaving the slip with it there, I’m that guy that would run right next to thee piling and rip it right off the rail. So luckily, there is just enough space between the starboard davit and engine lift, fits jut perfectly but need a new motor mount. After looking at several options of making one with starboard and adding up the costs, I just said screw it and ordered the ready made Edson mount. Pricey but I’d rather dedicate my time doing other things.

Definitely get the stabilizer bar and upgrade the blocks to 6:1 purchase. Well worth it.