Accessing the Axiom MicroSD Card

Well you know, there’s always a downside to every new shiny product. The Axiom MFD, love it with just one issue. As the aesticis of the flush mount all glass screen is appealing, the access for the SD card is on the back, meaning each time I want to update charts or the firmware when it’s large, I have to take off the top of the binnacle.

So come to find that Raymarine already has a workaround with it being, quite possibly, the most expensive MicroSD card reader on the market since its propritory with the connection. Bit the bullet becuase after all, we’re talking about a boat.

So 30 minutes later after drilling, boring and connecting, all done. Then noticed an issue with the charts, slow to come up and jittery. After scratching my head and repeatedly asking myself, “WTF?”, I happened to go back to the box where I found some additional instructions. Simply says, if you’re experiencing difficulty with reading or writing to the card, install these three ferrites at the prescribed lengths. To which I said, A: glad I didn’t throw out the box after opening and B: ph, that’s what those are for.

Meh…all good now 🙂