Perfect Day

What better way to spend and honor Earth Day than on the water? I previously said that if you make that just right, perfect cup of coffee in the morning, it’s a sign of a great day to come. And it sure was. Today was pretty much that spring shakedown cruise where you see what broke over the winter, what will break and what needs tweaking and repaired.

Like I said, shakedown cruise. Three issues. First, think there’s a frozen sheve on teh first jiffy reefing line where it comes out of the boom, need to check that. Next, is the cut of the main too long? Have a wrinkle on the leech at the bottom. Third and most drastic, there’s water in the bildge! I repeat, there’s water in the bildge! But because today was such a great day, I did something totally out of nature for me. i’m leaving the water in the bildge until tomorrow. That’s right, didn’t clean it up right away. Good news, it’s fresh water. Has to be one one of the two water tanks somewhere.

But overall, great day, can’t complain one bit. One thing about this Bene, she’s loves a beam reach, or more precisely, slightly forward of beam reach. Hit seven knots with under twelve knots of wind on the beam. Awesome day, just spent it tacking back and forth and out a bit. Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.42.36 PM