Prime Week 2018

Well, another year, anoth Prime Week. This year it was the offshore adventure down to Banks Channel behind Wrightsville Beach. But a slight dilema, the 2018 World Cup. Not a problem, streamed on DirecTV Now (no data usage charges) pretty much all the way down the creek.

While headed downthe creek, saw these again. Once read anarticle about them and their ocean going ability an righting movement. If/when I go to the dark side, would love to captain one of these.

So, we get to Beaufort and anchor right off the inlet for hte night, right up from the Coast Guard station. Note, don’t do that. What a rocking and rolling night. Next morning, headed out and well, the photo says it all.

Been a long time since being out in the Atlantic for a while, like all day, twelve+ hours. Coming into Masonboro Inlet, you know theres going to be a #TonyEvent. Rigt in the middle of the inlet, the engine dies. Thought I was out of fuel but couldn’t imagine that, checked and the tank was half full. Kent, who turned around for me, simply suggested starting the engine again. It worked, whtever it was, most likely some gunk got caught in the pickup tube and dropped back in the tank so replaced the filter anyway after anchoring. One thing I’d say, wish Banks channel had a “no wake zone” area and I’ll leave it right there. Other than that, fantastic time!

Ah, glad to have installed that Racor 500, filter changes are a breeze and no need to prime.

And this is what it’s all about. Fresh, good food and great friends.

Oh, and this….


Well, next up it’s back up the Atlantic to Cape Lookout, aka the Bahamas of the Carolinas. Extra long day because of the wind but no complaints here. Got there in time to have dinner with the gang and watch the fireworks going on all along the coast. Harkers Island, Beauford, Morehead City and more.

And so what’s the big deal with Cape Lookout? Let the photos do the talking. It’s one of my favorite places.

After the Cape, went into Beaufort for a couple of days, run the air and dry out hte boats. Beaufort is always a cool place to stop in for a while.

And now it’s time to head back up the creek and across the Neuse. While coming up out of Adams Creek, first question. Why are there rollers coming into the creek? Soon got that answer, we beat our way northeast into a northeast wind. Put in a double reef and my “patented” self-tacking storm sail, fell off the wind and had a wild ride. Got back into River Dunes and got a much deserved drink.

And that is the end of another successful #PrimeWeek.