Site Consolidations

So after careful examination and assessment and hiring a mega consultancy firm, it has been decided that both the SailingHemispheres and LukenIO wordpress sites will be consolidated into Luken.Org leveraging categories. You’er not going to believe what you’re about to read but life is more than just sailing and I want my blog to reflect all the important things in my life from sailing, technology, music, work, travels and the typical and patented Tony Rants. Merging wordpress sites with varying posts and the associted media is not as simple as export>>import as I’ve learned. Duplicate media filenames are a pain and until I can get it all cleaned up, you’ll see some posts with images that don’t match the posts. Actually humourous in it’s own right.

I m experimenting with page cateories to click on the top level of interest and see only those posts. If anyone knows how to redirect the default URL to a category page, that would be awesome. Can’t seem to figure that one out as of yet.