Giving RoonLabs a run

Doing the trial of Roon by RoonLabs. A very fine audio media controller. A wonderful interface and well thought out on the display and designed specifically for audiophiles and music lovers. I’ve got a few days left on the trial but I think I’m going to subscribe in spite of the severe network limitations on configuration.

Ugh, everything must reside on the same subnet. The server, the audio output devices, the controller. You don’t get an option to manually enter addresses, it just does a discovery on the local subnet. That’s actually a problem for people multiple subnets like myself. Everything that’s wired is static with the network. All wireless devices are on the Google Mesh network which is such as the Sonos Connect, the Oppo and AppleTV. Oh, the Synology NAS is wired too.

I wanted to run the server on a Centos7 VM on ESXi like I do with Plex and my other systems but I then couldn’t discover the Sonos or Oppo well because, ESXi doesn’t support wireless devices. (Which leads to a whole other question for VMware’s edge strategy but that’s for another post) Next up, I had to put the Roon server on an old MacMini and enable wifi, there have been pauses, not optimal. My thought is to purchase another Intel NUC, and using it for Plex and Roon, enabling wired and wireless and not virtualizing. That’s a weird feeling.