I Truly LOVE Baseball, but…..

MLB is making it real difficult to remain a fan. Every year I sign up for MLB.TV so I can watch my teams play. I’m an AL East kind of person. Yankees, Red Sox, O’s., I think that’s it 😉

But this blackout nonsense has gone too far. First, apparently I live in the Baltimore-D.C. viewing area. I’m amazed that being 326 miles from Baltimore qualified as their viewing area. They must have one heck of a broadcast transmission tower. Anyway, it gets old, I miss out on too many games, Whenever the Yankees or Boston or Toronto or that other team plays the Orioles or the Nats, (and the Mets play the Nats or O’s), I can’t watch those games live. I’m blacked out, audio only. That’s a lot of regular season games that I pay for but cannot see. This doesn’t even count the other rights games like Sunday night on ESPN or other agreements between MLB and other networks like Saturday afternoons.


So, I’ve come to that choice again. Simply chosen not to participate and be a random “consumer” that doesn’t get the valued service they pay for. Every year I sign up hoping it will be different, every year the same. The last two years I cancelled my monthly subscription before the end of the season. I’m now doing it again, this time it’s different. Three strikes and you’re out. Cancelled my subscription. Done. Finished. End of Story. There’s always Baseball Tonight on ESPN, I’ll catch the highlights.

MLB needs to understand that they’re not just competing against other sports for my dollars, but other activities outdoors that don’t require television. But to MLB, I don’t think it’s that much of a big deal, after all, I’m just one customer…..

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