Time for a French Rant

I usually do pointless rant on the French but this one is justified. In working on the float switch for the bilge pump, it came to be that the switch wasn’t bad. It was the connection back to where it’s wired to the batteries. Come to find out that over time, the fuse block was getting corroded and having intermittent connections.

Then we discovered that the ground wire had a fuse inline on it. The ground?? Why the heck would a ground have a fuse on it? Oh, the french, that’s why. For whatever reason, French electricians feel compelled to put a fuse inline within a ground for no obvious reason or benefit to which we Americans can see. I’ve always thought that you didn’t ant anything interrupting ground, nothing that could isolate it.

Anyway, thanks to Wade, we did some wiring adjustments, removing that mess and also rewired the Profile tank monitoring system ad other general wiring cleanups that should have never happened. Boatbuilders and their shortcuts.