D.A. announces plan to run for senator in N.Y. next year

pirro It’s begun, the New York senate race, and shooting out of the gate is another district attorney. Now I find this a bit funny as this race is already being labeled, “Battle of the Bitches”.

Now Jeanine Pirro, an attorney, is running on the premise that Hillary will be running for president, and if she’s on the presidential campain trail for two years, Jeanine states “Two years without a senator — we ]New York] lose out,”. She argues that an absentee senator would hurt New York’s ability to get federal money for transportation, homeland security and other needed union based pork projects. Well, at least she’s a New Yorker, even if she’s outside the city. I still don’t think that Hillary can get from Yankee stadium to Shea via train.

So here’s the tale of the tape….
Jeanine is 54, Hillary is 57, advantage: Jeanine
Both are mothers…. advantage: positive for both
Both consider themselves moderates…..advantage: whatever …
Both support abortion rights…..advantage: follow the wind
Both have fought to protect abused women and children…..advantage: both
Appearance…advantage: Jeanine (now that’s just sexist)
Spouses…advantage Hillary
Both of their husbands have had run-ins with the law. Albert Pirro served time for tax fraud and Bill Clinton was impeached, but got off (quite literally) by not defining the meaning of sex.

pirroHey, how can you not trust a smile like that?

With such an interesting choce of candidates, who seem quite similiar in many regards (outside political affiliation), whom does one choose? Just go with the party line or vote on the issues, where their stance will seem quite blurred between them. It will be difficult for New Yorkers on this one, unless Hillary just charms Jeanine out of the picture. Which by the way, can’t we get other people to run for office besides attorneys who’s spouses have not been on the straight and narrow? Or is that relevant?

USATODAY.com – D.A. announces plan to run for senator in N.Y. next year