BBC NEWS | Business | Ex-Worldcom finance chief jailed

sullivan I’m thinking of a better title, like “Bernie’s Bitch gets only 5 for sqealing like a pig” or “Never cook the books while doing crack”. Anyway, Scottie [soon to be know as SweetCheeks Scottie] gets 5 years, because he testified against his boss. I think it should have been 15, minimum. A lot of people have been affected by this, lost jobs, nest eggs, investments, and the lists goes on.

So, as for the rest of gang?
Bernie Ebbers, former chief – 25 years in jail
Scott Sullivan, former finance chief – five years’ prison
David Myers, former controller – one year and a day in jail
Buford Yates, former accounting director – a year and a day in prison
Betty Vinson, accounting manager – five months jail, five months house arrest
Troy Normand, accountant – three years’ probation

BBC NEWS | Business | Ex-Worldcom finance chief jailed