The FEMA Icecapades

Now, I’ve heard of “money to burn” and “burn through money” but now we have “money melting away”. In the latest round of the FEMA follies, the tax payers will now foot a ~$100M (in the words of Dr. Evil, that’s 100 MILLION Dollars) bill to pay for ice shipped to victims that were already evacuated and ice that cannot be delivered due to logistics. So now, after a couple of weeks logging thousands of miles with tons on a whole bunch of trucks of ice across america, we have the most elaborately produces Icecapades show ever created….

So where is the Icecapades tour being shown?

1. Boise, Idaho
2. Portland, Maine
3. Glouster, Massachusetts
4. Joplin, Arkansas
5. Memphis, Tennessee
6. Fremont, Nebraska
7. Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania
8. Cumberland, Maryland

So hurry up and get your tickets to see the greatest Icecapades show on earth, before it all melts away …..
Think Progress » FEMA Presents: Mismanagement on Ice!

One thought on “The FEMA Icecapades

  1. And it gets better. Saw a post that some of the ice ended up in Tuscon, given to the polar bears at the zoo. You can’t make this stuff up ….

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