The Empire Strikes Back: Part Deux

10 Years ago, microsoft sounded the marching orders and got on the Internet bandwagon. Today, they’re shifting again, recognizing it’s beneficial to their survival and market dominance. It seems that .Net is out and Services is in.

Both execs [Gates and Ray Ozzite, the CTO] argue for a revamped Microsoft that taps advertising to fund software development, delivers software online, and lets customers trial-run software before buying. All of this should “just work,” writes Ozzie.

And to put more salt on the would and explain where services is going: “Microsoft is a latecomer to its latest cause. The pioneer of advertising-based software delivery, Google (nasdaq: GOOG – news – people ), has sales of $4.5 billion. Marc Benioff founded business software-as-service firm (nyse: CRM – news – people ), in 1999. Salesforce is up to $237 million in sales. Both have richer values on Wall Street. Google trades at 44 times next year’s earnings, Salesforce at 85 (Microsoft trades at 17).”
Full article here: Out: .Net, In: Web Services –