As I ponder my iPhone …

Some thoughts.

  1. will the surface be susceptible to scratches like an iPod?
  2. cannot replace the battery, must visit an Apple store or mail in which means you’ll get a used iPhone on replacement?
  3. isn’t upgradeable, must purchase new phone for new options?
  4. first generation isn’t 3G
  5. first generation is lacking GPS

So..thinking of waiting for gen2 iPhones for now.

One thought on “As I ponder my iPhone …

  1. Rank this before all of those.  It ain’t a legal product that can be sold yet.  It is only a demo promised by Jobs at a conference.  Granted it looks very good, but we are ooowwing and ahhh over something isn’t here yet.My comment to  the ooowing and ahhers – talk to the hand, until you have something I can legally hold in my hand and potentially buy.

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