Republican: Movie Scripts need reviewing

Oh why, oh why must North Carolina from time to time show it’s backwater dark side? Now what, pretty soon the only funding received by films will be ones aired on the 700 Club network? Folks like this are truly not doing a service to real Christians. Mr. Berger, what you "propose" accounts to censorship, which I’m sure you’re well aware of and is most likely your goal. I suppose that next, we’ll have Sunday morning book burnings?

Republican: Scripts need reviewing | | Star-News | Wilmington, NC Raleigh | Citing the controversy surrounding the Dakota Fanning film Hounddog, the leader of the state Senate Republicans says he wants the government to review scripts before cameras start rolling in North Carolina. That system, said state Sen. Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, would apply only to films seeking the state’s lucrative filmmaker incentive, which refunds as much as 15 percent of what productions spend in North Carolina from the state treasury.

One thought on “Republican: Movie Scripts need reviewing

  1. I agree with the comments, however the NC state treasury should not be refunding the movie industry 15% in the first place.  Why is has become common practice to use tax payer fund to pay corporations for  they business should be illegal in my humble opinion.  Taxpayer need to start demanding accountability for the use of their funds.

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