Muslim Cab Drivers Refuse to Transport Alcohol, and Seeing Eye Dogs

Hmm, seeing how pharmacists can refuse to fill birth control prescriptions based on religion, and is upheld in our courts, shouldn’t muslim cab drivers also have their case of not taking passengers with alcohol or dogs also be held up? I think the Christian Coalition and the 700 Club should come to the defense of Muslim cab drivers and their cause. Besides, this would show some Christian/Muslim solidarity, coming together for a common cause, the enforcement of religion as a governing body over our everyday lives.

ABC News: Muslim Cab Drivers Refuse to Transport Alcohol, and Dogs Commissioners at one of the country’s biggest airports are considering punishing Muslim cab drivers who refuse service to passengers possessing alcohol or guide dogs. The cabbies claim transporting those items violates Islamic law. "It is against our faith and the airport is discriminating against Muslim drivers," says a cab driver who would only give his first name, Hashim.