US answer to global warming: smoke and giant space mirrors

I am having such a hard time in trying to figure out this administration. Are they really, really this disconnected from teh real world, or are they just this dark as to not care for the future of humanity. I am truly starting to believe the latter. As long as they can control the here and now, that’s what matters.

Giant space mirrors? Giant space mirrors? To help counteract the effects of greenhouse gases, mainly the amount of CO2 that industries are pumping into hte atmosphere, Cheney’s gang (it’s really his presidency after all) want to use space mirrors as opposed to reducing the gases. President Cheney, there is more than just global warming. After we pump enough Co2 in the atmosphere, what the hell are supposed to breathe? I guess since you’ll be long gone, that’s of no interest or concern to you.

US answer to global warming: smoke and giant space mirrors | Climate change | Guardian Unlimited Environment The US government wants the world’s scientists to develop technology to block sunlight as a last-ditch way to halt global warming, the Guardian has learned. It says research into techniques such as giant mirrors in space or reflective dust pumped into the atmosphere would be "important insurance" against rising emissions, and has lobbied for such a strategy to be recommended by a major UN report on climate change, the first part of which will be published on Friday.

The funny thing is that this was already tried