The Trillion Dollar War

The Iraqi conflict will soon be the most financially expensive war ever. We’ve already spent over $500 billion. The president is for an additional $300 billion, and that’s a projected figure based on current troop levels if maintained through 2009. But we know that cost will go up. Wow, it’s a good thing our medical and educational system is up to par, so we have some spare change to burn.

Honestly, I didn’t know fighting terrorism was that expensive. How exactly did we end up in Iraq from Afghanistan again?

Bush to seek $300 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan through 2009 – WASHINGTON — President Bush will propose on Monday spending nearly $300 billion more through 2009 for the war on terror, which is dominated by the war in Iraq, a senior administration official said today. The funding, sure to be closely scrutinized by Congress, will include: •$100 billion for the 2007 fiscal year ending Sept. 30, which when added to spending already in the pipeline would bring the year’s total to $170 billion. •$145 billion for 2008, a figure derived from this year’s troop levels and expenditures. •$50 billion to get started on 2009. More funds likely will be needed. This marks the first time the administration has estimated war costs so far ahead or been as specific about how the Pentagon and State Department intend to spend the money. The added detail is a response to past criticism from Congress. The senior official has direct knowledge of the budget plans and did not want to be identified because the fiscal blueprint has not yet been officially released. WAR SPENDING: Experts worried about budget’s scope Since 2001, the United States has spent or will spend at least $504 billion on the war on terror — including $334 billion on Iraq, according to the Congressional Budget Office.