Ford brings back Taurus

Or the title should read: "Ford to rename their way back to success". Ford’s bringing back the Taurus, their once high and mighty seller, to the mass majority of bland people. But wait, it’s not hte Taurus, it’s the underselling Ford 500, to be renamed the Taurus. It will work, because Ford knows what many other companies know, the American consumer will settle for anything.

Strategy: the 500 isn’t selling, change the plastic label on the front to Taurus and hope that Americans will think that the middle America Buick competitor is back !!! Meanwhile, I just bought a ton of Toyota stock, and am seriously looking at a Camry. Why? Because all it needs is gas and oil and a routine checkup. That’s what Ford doesn’t seem to get. People want a headache free vehicle. A Ford dealership shouldn’t have a service department that is three times the size of their showroom….

New York Daily News – Business – Ford brings back Taurus DETROIT – Troubled automaker Ford is reaching back to better days, resurrecting the once-mighty Taurus name to help put lackluster sales in reverse. Ford will rename its slow-selling Five Hundred model the Taurus, a name Ford previously used for a car that became the nation’s top-seller, two company officials said yesterday, speaking on the condition they not be identified.