Toyota Pitpass – Changing the Redneck Arena

I just stumbled across this. The Toyota Camry…in NASCAR? MIllions of dixie flag waving, beer chuggling, Skynard worshiping rednecks are upchucking last nights barbeque. What the hell is this country coming too when good ‘ol red white and blue has to include a yellow sun in it. First Toyota is taking over the reigns as the number one auto manufacturer from GM, the true leader in mundane vehicle design, now Toyota is taking over Nascar? What’s the point. It will no longer be team effort. The damn pit crews will have nothing to do but change tires and add gas. No blown engines to repair, no Ford transmissions to replace. No rattling parts. Think Nascar is boring now but just going fast and turning left, wait till these Camry’s just use cruise control and average 50 mpg, the pit crews might as well go home. And no, PlayStation Portables are not allowed in the cars.

Toyota Pitpass