Oh yeah, Microsoft knows where the power is ….

Musical noteMicrosoft recommends Apple’s GarageBand for advanced music creators. So I guess they’re also recommending getting a Mac if you truly want to make music. Sound’s like sweet music to me, that’s for the advice. This just brings me one step closer to my MacBook Pro. I’m sure the article will soon disappear from their site http://www.microsoft.com/athome/morefun/makemusic.mspx so the text is below.

Advanced:GarageBand (U.S.$79)

Part of iLife ’05, a suite of integrated applications (including iMovie and iDVD), GarageBand is a popular program that turns a Mac computer into a professional-quality recording studio for musicians.

The intuitive interface lets music lovers create and record music by selecting from the more than 50 virtual instruments (including a convincing grand piano) and more than 1,000 professional-quality audio loops that can be used in a new composition. Players can also attach instruments to their computer, such as music keyboard or electric guitar (via analog input or microphone), which can be recorded, edited, and mixed together with other tracks.

GarageBand users can also add more instruments and loops with any of four Jam Packs (U.S.$99). These expansion discs each add more than 2,000 additional loops and dozens of new software instruments, among other features.

Article written by Marc Saltzman and adapted from an original piece fromMicrosoft Home Magazine.

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