America: Do we hate our own music?

So I’m listening to NPR and a discussion about Soul music from the UK. And it struck me, we (America) invented Soul and exported it to Europe. The new artists coming out of the UK are soulful, write their own music and play instruments. While here in the US, we’re just recycling recorded beats, running vocals through a synth, and sending them to iTunes.

Not just a couple of years ago, a similar discussion took place, except it was about Jazz. Sure, there’s still Jazz in America, one note wonders disguised as smooth jazz. Even jazz is being recycled now. But in France, where we exported classic and standards based Jazz, it reigns supreme. Even eastern Europe, Prague and the stretches of Georgia, Jazz is very, very popular. But in America, if we depended on the support of the descendants and relatives of those that created Jazz, it would starve. Think not? go to a real Jazz concert and look around the audience. Those that should be there are not, and those that are there are there because it’s on par with driving a Lexus or Mercedes. Maybe I’m just over-reacting.