Presidential Wartime Powers

I just heard that the legislation that was given to the President to initiate military action in Iraq to remove Saadam is actually worded that he may initiate military actions against *any* foreign state that he deems a terrorist led state or a threat to national security. Under this wording, if the President deems Iran a terrorist led state, he can start military actions against Iran. That is why the president is so opposed to the revoking or rewriting of that privilege.

As of today, we already have one carrier in the Arabian Sea and another heading into the Straits of Hormuz. Expect by this time next year to have one or more possible two additional carriers in close proximity to Iran. That’s approximately 320 aircraft of strike capability, hell of an amount of firepower. Make no mistake that over three days, that could be thousands of targets. Personally, I believe that before this presidency is over, there will be and air strike on Iran. The thing is, I would support it if our President hadn’t already gone awry in Iraq.

One thought on “Presidential Wartime Powers

  1. What does he care.  He has gotten away with practically anything since 9/11.  The American people have reelected him and demanded that it take absolutely no responsibility for anything.  I mean, when the hell does it take for ‘us’ to wake up?I hate to think of what the next generation is going to look back and think of us…

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