Voluntary P2P Lawsuits Settlement: The RIAA at work

questionmarkWell, the RIAA has listed to top five colleges where illegal music sharing is taking place. Ohio State is #1. Believe it or not, NC State is #2. Go Wolfpack !!! So now the RIAA has a new website up, where if you are an offender, you can voluntary register on their site and pay the $1500 fine, in  lieu of being sued by them. The absurdity of these folks. And they have the nerve to have an image of the justice scale on the site

What college student has $1500 to burn (besides Yale, GWU and Harvard attendees)? The RIAA is once again claiming that theft is the reason that CD sales are on the rapid decline. Well, CD sales are on the decline, but legal digital download are on the rise proportionately. And once again, the main reason that CD sales are dropping is because a) the majority of music sucks, b) the cost of a CD is still outrageous.