BBC NEWS | Europe | Russian subs near Arctic target

An alternative title should be, "Global Warming creates threats of war". Now that the ice is melting up north, there are new resources to exploit. It’s easier to get to oil and gas. So now what was once unreachable, is now a mad rush to claim territory that is in international waters. Russia is leading the way in claims, and now exploration. This will only escalate as more natural resources are found under the former ice.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Russian subs near Arctic target Submarines accompanying a Russian naval mission aimed at boosting Moscow’s claim to Arctic territory are shortly expected to dive below the North Pole. The two Mir submarines plan to dive to the ocean floor, 4,200m (14,000ft) below the pole, to carry out tests and plant a capsule with a Russian flag. A Russian official said the "risky and heroic" mission was comparable to "putting a flag on the Moon". Melting polar ice has led to competing claims over access to Arctic resources. Russia’s claim to a vast swathe of territory in the Arctic, thought to contain oil, gas and mineral reserves, has been challenged by other powers, including the US.

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  1. I’m making a claim to the SUN and as the owner of this resource I submit that everyone on Earth pay me a daily fee of $ 10.00 for the energy that the Sun provides!

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