Cable Boosts Time Warner –

I find this ironic that their earning were released today in the midst of a network outage that has caused broadband customers in the Raleigh-Durham area to have degraded service for the hast 48 hours. Top speed has been around 1.2Mb/s for the last couple of days, while their website only says that technicians are working on it and that they are sorry. Are they sorry enough to provide a refund for the last couple of days? At $50 per month for their "extreme" speed of up to 7Mb/s, you would think that there would be a better level of service than this. But this is the result of competitive, or lack of to be more precise. My highspeed broadband options are Time Warner Cable, and….Time Warner Cable….

So how did TWC accomplish these earnings? Simple. Lack of competition allowing confiscatory rates, cust costs on customer service and quality of service. Whan can a customer do? Leave? And go where? True competition would be where I can go online and select from a host of cable and phone companies, and select a-la-cart,  all my services.  Until then, customers will continue to receive this type of service and support.
Cable Boosts Time Warner – Time Warner beat the Street Wednesday, helped by subscriber gains from its cable division. The mega-multimedia company, with holdings in cable, publishing, internet, and movies, said second quarter earnings rose 5.9% to $1.07 billion, or 28 cents a share, from $1.01 billion, or 24 cents a share. Similarly, revenues ticked up 6.0% to $11.0 billion. On a continuing operations basis, the company made 25 cents a share–leaving Time Warner (nyse: TWX – news – people ) comfortably above analysts’ expectation of 21 cents a share but below the revenue estimate of $11.1 billion.