An Example of Music Worth Buying…..

cuongvu1Just received the new (six years old) CD from Cuong Vu, titled It’s Mostly Residual. Got it from Artist Share, where the money actually goes to the artist. Artist Share is a really nice concept, You can collaborate and provide input into an artist’s project and contribute accordingly. The god thing about Artist Share is that you know the music will be recorded and mastered with great quality, and the artists themselves are putting everything into what they are doing. Totally different from the here today, gone tomorrow commercial music made for the masses. 

Cuong Vu can be best described as “massively” progressive Jazz, as best as I can judge it. This CD is a mix of eclectic sounds and a great dynamic range, melodies and paces from a trio. Cuong is a trumpeter and plays it well. And the drummer….wow. I hope to catch these guys someday at the Vanguard. I also purchased the recently released CD, Cuong Vu Vu-Vet but hasn’t arrived yet. One thing about Artist Share that I’ve provided feedback one, is the ability to download the music in .FLAC lossless format, not just compressed MP3. 

So what’s the first thing you do when a new CD shows up? Use Exact Audio Copy to make FLAC files. Why? First, you need to make a backup for when the physical media wears out or gets damaged. Second, to use on the Squeezebox.