Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-11

  • just amazed that vpn on the iphone works #
  • going for a quick walk while this resolution is still in effect #
  • engaged in tiered storage platorms training #
  • thinking about stimulating the economy with a new MacBook Pro #
  • got my invitation for Quicken Financial Life for Mac beta…whoopie, day late and a dollar short #
  • pondering the bliss if iTunes offered DRM free .FLAC format #
  • preaching the concepts of storage tiering and service catalogs in a down economy #
  • back to the basics with my customers in 2009, tiering and service catalogs #
  • oops, make that $3.30 #
  • Steve Jobs hormone cure valued at $.30 per share #
  • looking forward to a new mac mini #
  • @justisengard what about a Penn superbowl, Pitt vs. Philly in reply to justisengard #
  • still reveling in the Eagles win #

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