YouTube – George Bush Top 10 Moments – David Letterman Show

YouTube – George Bush Top 10 Moments – David Letterman Show.

Had to put this here because it’s downright funny. But now that he’s gone from public life, I hope he re-engages in public service though. While definitely not suited for the role that he was in, and clearly having some bd advisors that ran roughshot around his office, I think that Pres. Bush would actually be an excellent humanitarian for social causes around the world. I think he understands the challenges in the world, and has a good faith belief to motivate him.


I hope he gets involved in third world humanitarian and social issues. His down to earth personality would benefit those causes such as AIDs campaigns, medicine and clean water initiatives. I think that is something he wanted to tackle as president, but since 911, was obviously sidetracked and never recovered. That and our party being hijacked by the extreme right.