Thank you George and Weezie Jefferson, We're Movin' on Up !!

WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee chose Michael Steele, an African-American, as party chairman on Friday, putting a new face on a beleaguered party as it seeks the right posture to take on President Obama and an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress

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Man…we black folks are kicking off Black History Month with a bang !!!!

First, we elect our first black President. Next, the first black Republican Party Chairman. Lincoln would be proud. On this coming Sunday night, hopefully, the first black Superbowl winning Head Coach. Sometime next week, the first black Attorney General. We’z be on a roll….

Now of course this poses a problem for my beloved Republican Party. We’re obviously going to be fewer in numbers because the right wing crackpots in the south will probably form a new party. No way a self respecting southerner is gonna take orders from one of “us” (“Us” being them American folks that don’t need as much SPF protection in the summer, and have less wrinkles because their skin has more oils). I reckon the name of the new party will be named something like “The Clean Sheets Coalition”. And of course, they’ll justify their actions by misquoting something out of the bible. But that’s OK, ’cause tomorrow morning I’m heading out to my nearest militant home supply store to get that little white guy with the lantern to put in my front yard. A lantern in his right hand and a tray on his left hand holding a pack of Kool’s (that’s the black man’s Marlboro ya’ll).

Spoiler alert…for those who don’t know me, I like to instigate and poke extreme fun. Because if we can’t talk and laugh honestly about our prejudices, our nation will forever be divided. 

So, I think there is hope for my party again. No, not because they chose a black man, but because I think the party is moving to a more centrist philosophy. Individual freedoms and liberty, along with individual responsibility. Now the question that needs to be asked is this. If McCain won the presidency, would Mr. Steel have won the votes to be party chairman. That honestly is something the party has to answer for itself. Because if he was, then the party is no better off and will most likely sink further. 

One thought on “Thank you George and Weezie Jefferson, We're Movin' on Up !!

  1. How do you become a supporter of PBO on Facebook and then claim to be a republican?

    I secretly would like to see PBO succeed in getting some things straightened out, but I don’t think Washington is ready to fix problems.

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