Disaster revisited…The World Baseball Classic

Today, America has a chance to redeem herself in the World Baseball Classic. At 2pm, we yanks play the Canadians in Toronto. Two years ago, Canada knocked America out of the Baseball Classic…..CANADA. They don’t even play baseball, I mean, they don’t even have a steroid scandal for heaven’s sakes. How can they be a major baseball contender? I can understand Hockey or Curling, but we’re not supposed to loose in baseball.

Well it’s time for redemption. If by some aweful reason the gods fail to look down and bless us, and we loose, I’m asking my congressman to form a special subcommittee and hold hearings as to why the greatest baseball nation can beat a bunch of toothless, beer drinking (better than us) hockey players who say”ey?” at the end of every sentence. God Speed, May the Force Be With You, and anything else that may help in our revenge. Stand up America, support our Baseball troops, buy Baseball Steroid bonds and help a player stay on top of his game.