My first "Big" SAN Project

Back in the Day….the rebirth of MCI (after the bankruptcy) was launched with the new MCI Portal. This customer facing website was the face of MCI in all her renewed glory. HP servers, Cisco MDS directors and an EMC CLARiiON CX500 to the rescue. A complete Microsoft solution with SQL2K, IIS and messaging services. Software development by Accenture. Just goes to show what good integration with vendors and customers can accomplish. Racked and stacked, and implemented in a couple of days. I’ll tell ya’, it was COLD under that raised floor moving some copper and fiber cables. A good project and a lot was learned. My first major datacenter SAN implementation for storage, getting outside the campus based level. A lot of good folks chipped in to get this done and on time. Oh, and this was just one location….


2 thoughts on “My first "Big" SAN Project

  1. Uhh… you “under the floor tiles”

    Tony, Tony, Tony… Since I was there I know that you didn’t get in the floor tiles? Mr. Herschel did that bit of work… 😉

    But we did get a lot of work done together…

  2. Uh….think again. Some cables were mis-labeled by our favorite datacenter management group going from the CX to the MDS. Probably suffering from old age memory loss. That’s ok, there’s treatment available for that, think it’s covered under your medical plan 😉

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