AT&T Suffers Massive Mobile Data Outage In Northeast, Midwest T

Just a day after Apple kills off Google Voice and GV Mobile (probably at teh behestof AT&T), their network is suffering a massive outage in the northeast. Could this be Karma? More bars in more places? More like more flatlining in more places. This is yet another example why the exclusivity deals are bad, and I don’t fault people for unlocking their phones. It seems that all AT&T wants to do is collect money, and provide as little service as possible. I’m looking forward to the day when the phone is available on other networks. Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon.

With recent earnings reports, it’s clearly stated that AT&T’s growth is dedicated solely to the iPhone for the wireless division. Heck, it’s the only reason why I’m with them, so they need to keep the phone exclusive. They know that when it comes available on other networks, there will be a mass exodus, including me, even if I have to pay the termination fee. And with them doing things like blocking innovative applications, it only hastens my desire for a quick exit from them.

AT&T T appears to be suffering a massive outage in its data network in the Northeast, and some parts of the Midwest, according to Twitter reports. And our iPhones are offline, too.

Whatever the excuse is, in this era of always-on mobile communications, its not acceptable.

via AT&T Suffers Massive Mobile Data Outage In Northeast, Midwest T.