Obama to deliver major education reform address, I'm not expecting much and heres why

The President will be making a speech today at the National Urban League, so I don’t expect much other than pandering. Education is in a real bind and frankly, there are already simple and innovative solutions out there. First, the biggest hinderance to education reform are the various teachers unions. Now, I’m not attacking them but just point things out.

Let’s follow the system in Denmark, where funding per child is not given directly to a school district, but instead is assigned to the parent or guardian, who in turn decides where to send their child, and applies those funds to that school. If the parent chooses a private, public, religious or secular school, their choice. What this fosters is a competitive environment and spurs innovation. Todays system lacks innovation and accountability simply because it doesn’t have to. Regardless of how it performs, people still get paid, with guarantees on salary, earlier retirement and job security.

There was a segment on 20/20 some years back that talked about the Denmark(?) system and how it worked. As a result of their initiative, public schools were on par with private schools, were just as innovative and had equal achievements. I would love to be able to choose what school our boys go to, and what curriculum they had.

Another issue is these bad a** kids and their parents who apparently don’t know what to do or simply don’t care. I scratch my head when I see a child that is on reduced lunch, but their parent shows up to a school event with custom nails, expensive handbags and clothing, driving a Mercedes. It happens more than not, where some parents use the schools as their dumping grounds. I once heard a parent tell a teacher “he’s your problem now….”, while dropping off their child. I am not making that one up….

Here in Wake County, NC., there is a real issue around school diversity and busing vs. local schools. Now personally, I support local schools vs. busing kids half way across the county to achieve diversity. People choose where they want to live and is primarily based on economic status and what they can achieve. Can’t fault people for that. To achieve equal opportunity for all kids, you should’t have to upset half the families by shuffling their kids to create diversity. New schools should not be built until all existing schools are maintained and upgraded to the standards of a new school. This keeps the facilities on par. Next, there is a fixed amount of funding per student.

Now, for poor behaving students in schools, I’m sorry but that is where parent involvement comes in. At some point, instead of looking outwards to resolve problems, you have to look inwards.

So with regards to segregation that the NAACP is talking about in Wake County schools, the most segregated time in the county is Sunday mornings. So if that can’t be resolved what makes you think anything else can be resolved. Just my opinion.

I would love to be able to get a letter in the mail with a voucher, then interview various schools, and send our boys to where WE feel would suit them best and derive the best value and education. Instead, we’re stuck with, here’s your assigned school, deal with it….

Washington CNN — President Obama will deliver a major education reform speech at the National Urban Leagues 100th Anniversary Convention in Washington Thursday morning.The president will discuss how his signature Race to the Top program and other initiatives are driving education reform across the country and focusing the nation on the goal of preparing students for college and careers, a statement from White House said.”Now, I know some argue that during a recession, we should focus solely on economic issues,” Obama says in prepared remarks released by the White House ahead of the address. “But education is an economic issue — if not the economic issue of our time.”The Obama education plan champions better teacher pay, but also asks for tangible results.”I want teachers to have higher salaries. I want them to have more support. I want them to be trained like the professionals they are — with rigorous residencies like the ones doctors go through,” Obama says. “All Im asking in return — as a president, and as a parent — is a measure of accountability.

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