Goog-izon offer a "don't touch me" plan

So reading between the lines, here’s the skinny. Verizon and Google are willing to concede to FCC regulatory control of fixed line broadband and not jack up content providers over bandwidth. Why, because maybe fixed line isn’t as profitable. But where they want hands off is with wireless, where there is plenty of growth and lots of margin. Fixed line is capital intensive and mainly labor intensive, especially with union workers sitting in trucks for forty minutes between each work order. Did I just say that and drift into another topic?

According to the proposal, Internet service providers would not be able to block producers of online content or offer them a paid “fast lane.” It says the Federal Communications Commission should have the authority to stop or fine any rule-breakers.The proposal, however, carves out exceptions for Internet access over cellphone networks, and for potential new services that broadband providers could offer. In a joint blog post, the companies said these could include things like health care monitoring, “advanced educational services, or new entertainment and gaming options.”

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